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Monday, 15 December 2014

Literature: Eva Luna

Eva Luna is life. 
Not in an all consuming, this book is so damn philosophical it will change you forvever kind of way, 
but in a simple and profound way. 

The prose is interesting. 
There is no plot, and characters flit in and out like fairies. 
We grow attatched to them, then they go away. 
Sometimes they come back. 
Sometimes not. 

It's as if the book breathes, 
each story line shimmers and dances as it is interwoven. 
We breathe along with it. 
The tension mounts; a sharp inhale. 
A denoument. 
We let out a sigh of relief. 

And isn't all this just like life? 
I mean, it's really not that structured. 
It isn't broken up into rigid chapters and predictable events. 
To me, that's why Eva Luna is so beautiful.

The beauty is in the unexpected. 

I see Eva Luna as a collage of cultures, characters and periods. 
Thrown together in a chaos yet ordered by our own interpretations. 

This is a collage I created, of images my mind conjures up when I think of this novel. 

I hope you like it, 
and please read this novel so we can talk about it! 



  1. I love this book and all of Isabel Allende's work! Actually, there are many South American writers who write amazing magical-realist style books.. but Allende is my favourite. Great collage, and blog :)

    Faith In Fools

    1. Isn't it great! I haven't read any of her other work but I've heard great things about it, I must check it out :)
      Thank you so much!! :)


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