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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Cable Car- Ahhh!

Cable cars are actually such a great invention; it's like going on the scariest ride at the show or something for only three dollars and: 
 - you don't have to be stuck in a line for a thousand hours 

 - you can move around instead of being super strapped in like they are trying to prevent you from falling out of space

 - you still get that craaaaaaazy buzz! 

 This one was in a little Italian village we visited which is just totally surrounded by these massive cliffs. So breathtaking!


Oh and they had the best hot chocolates EVER up the top, 
tasting even better because it was freeeeeezing. 

...and I subsequently got it everywhere as usual. 


(p.s. mittens are cool okay) 


  1. is that VERY, ooh, um , LONG Tea or Berry OOLONG tea ,(Burnt Butter shortbread too please, dipped in Cadbury milk chocolate)

  2. This looks like so much fun! I love travel, and I'm very envious of your trip!

    PS I will gladly take some shortbread and tea if you care to come to America anytime soon!

    xoxo Leena


Please leave a comment if you feel the urge, and I will eternally be in your favour (I will make you Berry Oolong tea and shortbread)

Thank you!