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Friday, 31 October 2014

Flash Back Friday

In Australia we don't have Halloween. It's just not the done thing. But it's slowly gaining more popularity, like a good indie band that goes mainstream.

So, in honour of All Hallows Eve, here are some eerie/spooky/fabulous Flash Back Friday songs.

Riders on the Storm,
The Doors

This song is actually terrifying. Don't listen to it at night time when you are home alone and there is actually a storm (I speak from experience) 

Wuthering Heights, 
Kate Bush
Or anything by Kate Bush really, to get that eeeerie gothic vibe. 
Read the book at the same time and be transported to the dark, gloomy moors. 

Werewolves of London, 
Warren Xevon
Sing along LOUD and PROUD:
'ahWHOOO Werewolves of London'

Time Warp, 
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

It just wouldn't be a Halloween post without something from 
Rocky Horror, and this is not just my obsession talking.. 

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