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Friday, 24 October 2014

School's Out Forever

Today was my last day of school EVER! :( 
(shh I actually really like school). 
And while I'm SUPER excited for the future,
I'm really going to miss it. 

I'm going to miss my English teacher who 
was practically dripping with sarcasm
and did the quiz from the newspaper every lesson. 

I'm going to miss mucking around 
at lunch time,
being a total dag and 
playing truth or dare 

or soccer

(Only three girls, myself included, 
play soccer at lunch time) 
Hopefully the girls below us 

And I'm going to miss just seeing 
everyone, every day. 
It's been fun. 

p.s. I went as my childhood icon...

(she was always the smallest one of all (like me) but inside she's TALL!) 


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