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Friday, 26 September 2014

Music: And It Was All Mellow (Indie Folk)

I know I usually post about the old-school tunes, but I also really like to listen to indie folk music. 

Here I'm going to share a few tracks from my favourite bands/artists in this genre, if you haven't heard of them before then give them a listen :) 

Let me know if you have any cool music you want to tell me about! 

This Aussie duo is amazing. Their music is so chilled but is still very poetic and often moving.
(p.s. I have a pretty big crush on Angus) 

Mango Tree

Devil's Tears

...and they recently released a new album! 
So far this is my favourite song:

Death Defying Acts

2. First Aid Kit 
These two sisters are one of those acts where you can listen to an entire album
without getting bored.
Their sound is so entrancing and powerful.
Their own songs are beautiful and unique but they also do amazing covers. 

(one of my all time favourite songs!) 


Dancing Barefoot, Patti Smith Cover

They also just released a new album, and it is 

How cool is that album cover! 

There are so many good songs off this album but I love: 

Cedar Lane 

3. Xavier Rudd 
Xavier Rudd is just the epitome of chilled, mellow beats. 
I love him. 

One of his best songs is Spirit Bird, 
which goes for about 10 minutes but is never boring.
I could listen to it on repeat all day, 
probably while making home made lemonade and then lying in grass. 

Follow The Sun 

Come Let Go 

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