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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Style Muse: Natalie Joos

This woman is very funky in the way she puts together outfits; I like the eclectic whirlwind of different styles that create one style.

I love the coordination between the shoes, sunnies, lips and purse. 
The crisp white top is a really good choice as it balances out all of the colours
and craziness of the t-shirt motif. 

The floaty, feminine skirt contrasts with the chunky knit but it all works well together. 
I love that headband too. 

I'd love to try this sheer look, how the skirt is short but then it drapes to almost full length.
The leotard/body suit behind which matches the shoes is effective too, as it is really 
tricky to pull off sheer where you can see under garments. 


Please leave a comment if you feel the urge, and I will eternally be in your favour (I will make you Berry Oolong tea and shortbread)

Thank you!