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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Style: Oh! Spring how I love you

How much do you love spring!
The sun is out!
The birds are out!
The flowers are out!
The snakes are out (oh)...

Maybe not the snakes. 
Utterly terrified. 

But as you can see I am combating my fear because the fruit is also out, 
and I can make lemonade. 
(there was some dispute as to whether these were in fact oranges or lemons 
(said the bells of St Clements) but we did eventually discern that they were the latter. 

I might even share my lemonade recipe 
(because you're just all so spesh and it's so spring). 

I love that weather where it's still cold enough to wear pants, 
but warm enough to go bare sleeved and sandal clad. 

I also love when an entire outfit is op shopped!

Wishing you safety from slithery bitey things and lovely weather, 

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