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Monday, 28 July 2014

Literature: 29/7/14

This is my first Literature segment! 
Such yay! Much books! 
Sorry. Excitement. 

So, for a while it was so hard to choose a book that is my favourite. I'd  have like, a top three... but then I'd read a new one and it would just send my life off into a whole new orbit and disturb the order of the universe. I am still unable to get through all my favourites counting on fingers and toes... but I do have a top of the tree book that I always come back to. 

it deserves a BIG picture because of its brilliance and allure and magnitude and other fab adjectives. 
I have two copies of this edition,
about five others and I NEED
one of these in my life:

So yeah, I'm obsessed. But there's a reason. I read this gem at least every three months in order to feel
whole. It's makes you grounded. 
I know right; deep. But hear me out: 
Every single woman should read this book.
It's packed with feminism; but that's not what it's just all about. 
In fact, Miss Eyre was way ahead of her time; the first wave of feminism hadn't even happened yet.
Which means that here is a girl who has figured out her whole feminism philosophy before it even existed.
It's all about Jane's values, and how important it is to stay true to herself and to be able to 
accept who she is; without men. 
Oh yeah, there's romance. There's temptation. 
This book is juicier than a watermelon. 
I'm not going to spoil it, but lets just say the ending is WAY better that My Brilliant Career's; which is often compared with Jane Eyre. Also a really, really good book. 
But to just see how Jane handles herself and her circumstances just makes you feel so INSPIRED.  
When I read Jane Eyre I want to run for the hills and go all Maria Von Trapp with  barely contained glee: 
Yes, GIRL POWER! THE HILLS ARE ALIVE! Seriously, there should be a Spice Girls song about this book. 

But there is also eeriness and secrets and deception. 
So many questions! 
What is the mysterious Mr Rochester hiding? 
What are the noises in the big ol' Thornfield manor?

I don't know, YOU'LL HAVE TO READ IT!
(I do know, I just really want you to read it) 

Why am I still talking? 
Go and get a copy of this book in your hot little literary hands. 

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