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Friday, 25 July 2014

My Current Top 10: 26/7/14

1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show 
Always. Get your Science Fiction Double Feature on.

2. 'Always' reminded me of Harry Potter... or as I like to call it, 'Parry Hotter'. You won't be able to stop. Sorry in advance.
HP is the best. And Neville's cardigan wins. Always. 

3. My new Carly Simon hat.
Mainly I just go around calling people vain and apricots.

4. The fact that my dog got a haircut! She sah flufffffy.

5. Tea! Current faves are Oolong Berry, Nettle and White Rose.

6. ....Which leads me to tea cosy's. Because tea deserves to be cosy. It's gross when it's like, luke warm. I'm knitting one (..not very well. There is a knitting club at school and I am literally the only high schooler that goes! But there are all these year three girls that are pretty much knitting pros. They help me out)

7. Meg Ryan's hair in Sleepless in Seattle. I've been wearing mine like this all week!                                  

8. Astragal. It has to be good if Patti Smith endorses it... and it is! Love.

9. This video clip is probably the best thing you will ever see. I watch it erryday. Just try and get through it without a GRIN.

10. Woolen tights.
These keep me warm and I can wear summery things in winter!
Downside: they are down around your knees within fifteen minutes. Ten if you run.

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